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Welcome to Virginia Caye

Small, private and wild island, 10-20 miles away from the nearest mainland towns Hopkins and Dangriga, Stann Creek, Belize, Central America.

Be free!

Feel like Robinson Crusoe and make your life-time experience with mother nature untouched by any civilisation.

Enjoy some days in paradise with no luxery, no TV, no shops - but with fantastic colours of the caribbean sea, lots of sun(sets), seawater, fishes, snorkeling, pelicans and the chance of seeing dolphins next to the dock and a pet-pig which wants to share its island with you.

The island is powered by solarenergy (from SESB) and the water we use is collected rainwater. You can explore the whole island and find your private favourite spot to relax: on the sundeck, snokeling in the caibbean sea, at the charming southend of the island or at the tiny sandy beach at the northcoast. You have to know that there are no shops, restaurants, theatres, cars, cinemas, casinos or other things from "civilisation". Only nature, you and what you brought to survive for the period of your stay :-)

The Cozy Cabin

Holiday accomodation for a couple with cooking facility, table and queen sized bed.

Cozy Cabin

Cozy Cabin is a rustic, wooden hut, built on poles over the shore, with seaview out of all windows and doors.
We are collecting our water in the rainey season, therefore we ask everybody to be very frugal with recources over the dry time of year. 

Eastern Beach

The beach hut is situated at the southern part of the island where there are no mangroves but coral parts and sand on the ground. Eastern beach is frequently hit by seaweed.


The little cooking facility is equipped with a 2 burner gas stove, a pan, two pots and dishes. You find there also basics like, rain harvested cooking water, pepper, salt, spices, oil, vinegar.


It has a queen sized bed, mosquito net, some coat hangers and hooks and you are welcome to browse a small collection of sailor books. 


The spartan, simple saltwater toilet and fresh water shower are in another small hut just 20 steps next to the cabin.

Seawater Toilet

You will find at site basics like toilet paper, soap and dishwashing utilities.

Wooden Footbridge

Over a 50m wooden walkway, the Palapa was reachable. It is located opposite side of the Cozy Cabin. From here you can observe rays, baracudas, starfishes and other colourful wildlife. 


You will share the island with your hosts Stephan and Verena who are living on a sailboat, docked at the Dock or anchored in the bay backside of the island, and with potential tenants of the mainhouse.


The palapa was a landmark for maritime navigation and meeting point. Located beween Hopkins on the mainland and the fishing grounds behind the reef, sometimes locals and fishermen met here, staying over night or just hanging out. Unfortunately early morning of 4th of August, Hurricane Earl pulled our beloved palapa in the sea.


To get from Belize City Airport to Virginia Caye you can take a small paddle hopper plane with "Tropic Air"(200 BZD PP, OW to Dangriga) or you can take the "Chicken Bus" (12 - 18 BZD PP, OW to Dangriga/ Hopkins) which is a recommendable experience, if you want to get to know the country a little bit better.

Sailboat Transfer

We can arrange a sailboat taxi with Captain Bryan on Brujula. Therefore you should arrive a day before in Hopkins and do the shopping you need to survive on our remote caye. We also can call a local fisherman with a motorboat who drives you to Dangriga. The sailboat trip is 85 BZD per person one way, the motorboat 150 BZD from Hopkins, 200 BZD from Dangriga per ride.

Mr. Piggy

He came to the island when he was 3 days old and loves to have your company and the remains of your dishes..


This is our offline Guestbook

from July 2016 to January 2017

If Relaxing is too Boring for You...

Sailboat Transfer from and to Hopkins

Captain Bryan is departing with his 27ft traditionally built wooden belizean sailboat from the "Sittee River Marina" 5 miles south of Hopkins and needs 2-3 hours to reach our island.
Bryan also can take you out to the reef, where he shows you the best snorkeling places in the world.

Fishing and Snorkeling with Local Fishermen

Professional fishermen of Hopkins take you in their small motorboat out to the reef and show you the best fishing grounds in the area and their special local techniques to catch the real BIG fish.

Stand Up Paddel Boarding around the Island

Martin will come to the island and take you on an unforgettable tour through the shallow waters around Virginia Caye and the neighbor islands by standing on a board. 
Martin also can take you to snorkeling places with his motorboat.

Motorboat Transfer and Snorkeling

Captain Fidel is our direct neighbor and brings you in 40min with his motorboat to Dangriga.

He is a professional Diver and takes you to the best places to find Lobster and Conchs.

Sailboat Transfer from and to Placencia

Captain Ed will take you on his 37ft traditional belizian wooden sailing boat in 4-5 hours to Placencia Village on the southeastern coast of Belize, which is a popular holiday destination for North American expats and tourists.

All the above named people are friends / acquaintance of us. Therefore we can easily organise this trips for you. Best is to decide spontaneously when you are at site.

Virginia Caye
Blue Ground Range
Dangriga, Stann Creek, Belize
Central America
Google: 16.796162, -88.155418 ("earth" view)

Phone: +501 669 69 45

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