Welcome to the Caribbean

4 acres private and wild island,
7 miles away from mainland,
3 miles behind the worlds second largest barrier reef,
with great snorkeling areas
in the shallow waters around the island.

The Boss: PetpigPiggy

Whether photo shoots or filming sessions,
he loves posing in front of a camera.
And since Leonardo di Caprio is one of his neighbours,
he is only trying to do one thing:
Be better than him.

The Hut: Cozy Cabin

Rustic, simple and spartan: 2 plates, 2 pots and 1 pan,
2 chairs, 1 table and a comfortable queen-size bed and
kitchenette. Bathroom with shower a few steps beside,
water harvested from rain and power from the sun. 

Your Hosts: ThePetsitters

Since 2 years caretakers of the island.
Living on a sailboat.
Shooting films with PetpigPiggy
and keeping the island in shape.

Not Suitable for Mainstream Tourism ;-)

A dominant, male pig lives freely on the island.
Water and electricity are valuable recources.
A private boat has to be hired for the transport.
All supplies have to be brought from mainland by arrival.
There is no delivery service. 
The island does not offer any of the usual holiday comforts and amenities but a lot of wild and raw natural ambience.

Be the "one"

If you like to visit the island
and are experienced in outdoor living
and are comfortable with animals,
then please do apply here:

The Cozy Cabin

Simple accomodation for a couple with cooking facility, table and queen-size bed.


Cozy Cabin

Cozy Cabin is a rustic, wooden hut, built on poles over the shore, with seaview out of all windows and doors.
All water for drinking, washing and cooking is rain-collected. Because of this, everybody is asked to be very frugal with this resource, even in the wet season.

Eastern Beach

The beach hut is situated on the southern part of the island. There are no mangroves on this part of the island, only sand and coral pebbles.
Seaweed often washes up on the beach.


The small kitchen area is equipped with a 2-burner gas stove, a pan, two pots and dishes. Here you will also find the basics: rain-harvested drinking water, pepper, salt, lots of seasoning, oil, vinegar.


It has a queen-size bed, mosquito net, some coat hangers and hooks and you are welcome to browse a small collection of sailor books. 


The spartan, simple saltwater toilet and fresh water solar shower are in another small hut just 20 steps from the cabin. Here you are provided with basics such as toilet paper, soap and dishwashing utilities.



From Belize City Airport you can take a small plane of "Tropic Air" or you can take the local bus to Hopkins and then a private motorboat to the Caye. We can give you directions and arrange the boat trip for you.


Wooden Footbridge

Opposite the Cozy Cabin is a 50m / 150ft wooden walkway. From here you can observe rays, barracuda and starfish. There is also a ladder providing access to the shallow waters.

Virginia Caye


For any questions or assistance your hosts will be available. They live on a small sailboat, which will either be tied up at the dock or anchored in the bay on the leeward side of the island.

Jonny and Jenny

Pure Nature

As the caretakers of this island it is extremely important to us that we preserve the island's uniqueness and its pristine nature. We do not interfere with the natural conditions on the island. This means that there are swamps which some may find unattractive, that seaweed may rot on the beach, that the trails may be muddy and that they may flood if the tide is unusually high, once a year in fall. Ants and bugs live at the beach and if you have food which is not stored in sealed containers they may want to eat it. We do not spray chemical repellent against the sandflies. Therefore they can be numerous in times of low wind or at twilight.

The benefit is that we have lots of different birds, few to no mosquitoes, humming birds, herons, Billy Hawks, dragon flies, Iguanas, hermite crabs, small boas, but no venoumous animals. Here, you still can enjoy the beauty of pure and uncivilized nature!

Watch Virginia Caye Video from 2016

This video is not up to date as Hurricane Earl made some changes in August 2016. The big thatched building was pulled into the sea and some beaches and trees disappeared..
Piggy grew a lot in the meantime and is not a piglet anymore...

Nevertheless it gives you an overall picture of the ambience of the island.

Virginia Caye on YouTube

Virginia Caye
Blue Ground Range
Dangriga, Stann Creek, Belize
Central America
Google: 16.796162, -88.155418 ("earth" view)

Email: VirginiaCaye@gmx.de
Phone: +501 669 69 45

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